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Premier League, Div 1 and Div 2 - Results are Live and entered on the night by Teams in Pool Stats system

Snooker and Billiard Score Sheet Results must go to the Facebook group page

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February 2024 Roster

Proposed start Tuesday February 6th or 13th

Nominations Close Thursday January 25th -

Premier League, Div1 and Div 2: IR

Pool Stats Live Scoring for all Divisions

Singles we will try and hold on a Tuesday night during the roster, but it depends on roster lengths, if not will be on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday

Results will be updated via Pool Stats and use Live Scoring of matches, these can be accessed from the front page of our website (8Ball Results)

The committee have decided that teams can be no more than 4 weeks behind, teams who are more than 4 weeks behind will receive No Points from the Match played that night and will not receive points back even when they become financial.

The Best way is to  just pay the $25 per week or even more so you are in credit and we are not in a position that we have to not award points.

Direct deposit details for your weekly team payment is below and further our results page.

Thank you to all or Sponsors, Hotels / Clubs / Teams / Players for the Support of the Association.

The NTEBA play out of Hotels and Clubs that allow us use their facilities, so please follow any direction advised by the venue / staff - (Do Not Abuse them).


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