NTBA Summer Roster 2017-18 - Div 1


Sat 14/4
Grand Finals 7pm
Final: Queens Arms Bandits 8 def Rusty Jascks Hustlers 3

Tues 10/4
Preliminary Final: Rusty Jacks Hustlers 8 def LWC Wanderers 7

Second Semi: Queens Arms Bandits 8 def Rusty Jacks Hustlers 6
First Semi: LWC Hunters 6 lst LWC Wanderers 8

Tues 27/3
Qualifying: Rusty Jacks Hustlers 8 def LWC Hunters 6
Elimination: LWC Wanderers 8 def Queens Arms Strikers 5

Tues 3/4
2nd Semi: Queens Arms Bandits v Rusty Jacks Hustlers at Queens Arms
1st Semi: LWC Hunters v LWC Wanderers at LWC
Winter Roster 2018 and SGM
Expected Start Date
Tuesday 8th May

Tuesday 1/5
Player Money and Team Affiliation
Constitution Change - Secretary / Treasurer - change to seperate positions
Secretary 2 Years
Treasurer 1 Year
Players Final Qualifications
Players must have played 7 nights out of 12 to qualify for Finals
To view qualified players
Team Stats - Click your Team and then under the PA Column it will show the amount of nights a player has played.

21/11/2017, Rd 2

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