Winter Results 09

Courtesy qpool - www.qpool.com.auIMPORTANT INFORMATION

We have changed the structure of the divisions - Div 1 is now called the Premier League, Div 2 becomes Div 1 and Div 3 will be now known as Div 2, when the Div 2 roster splits at the end of the full round of matches as per the Div 2 Roster, it will then be known as Div 2 and Div 3

Why - We believe it reflects the structure of the Association, with some teams not wanting to go up a division or drop down a division, it may now come in to effect that we will try and enforce teams to go up a division if they win a lower division the preceding year and drop down a division if they finish on the bottom of that divisions ladder - Div 1 will be the highest division, it will not be mandatory for teams to go in to the Premier League (Will be an AGM 2010 discussion Item) - Have feedback on this idea send an email to us - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The roster is now on the web site, hover on the Winter 09 tab at the top of home page and two links will appear - one for the Premier League and Div 1 and the other link for the Div 2 Roster

Please Note: The Premier League and Div 1 will start on Tuesday 21st April and Div 2 will start on Tuesday 28th April, information will be delivered to Hotels / Clubs this Sunday

Finals Qualification: Must play 60% of roster matches to qualify for finals, if 60% of matches works out to be - eg: 8.5 matches this will be rounded down to play 8 matches, if it works out to be 8.51 and above this will be rounded up to 9

The finals will be a final 5 format and the first two weeks of finals will be played at the Hotels who's table/s are of a quality to play finals on (Preliminary and Grand Finals wil be played at the LWC, Grand Finals will be on a Saturday night - 6pm start

Association Singles: All Divisions will be played at the LWC on a Tuesday night, starting at 6.55pm for the draw (Dates on rosters)

Number of Team Players Signed: All Divisions are allowed to sign a maximum of 9 players and can sign players at any time during the roster season 

Bonus Premiership Point: Teams who pay the affiliation money and player money by the due date will receive a bonus premiership point, teams who do not pay will not be eligible to receive any points from future matches played until they become financial (Please Note: You DO NOT get back points you missed out on while you were un-financial, in other words make sure you pay by the due date)

The Date that affiliation money and player money must be paid will be Tuesday 26th May



J.Boag & Son

The 2009 Boags Winter Roster will start on Tuesday April 21st



Nominations Close with the secretary on Wednesday April 15th at 5.30pm - This is the deadline as we have a committee meeting that night to finalise teams for roster

Nomination forms and Flyer for Winter Roster 09 have been delivered to Hotels / Clubs, or you can - Enter Your Team On Line - Click Here 

Click Here to View Flyer  /  Team Nomination Form


Teams Received to date (15/04/09 at 7.30pm)

Div 4: LWC, TRC, Village Inn Green

Div 3: LWC Gold, Sunny Hill Green, Newstead Rangers, LWC Roosters, Black Stallion, LWC Warriors

Div 2: LWC Green, Black Stallion, Village Inn Red, Retreat, Mowbray, Duke Of Wellington Punishers, Duke Of Wellington Old Dogs

Div 1: Perth Red, Commercial, Perth Black, Sunny Hill Cowboys, Black Stallion, LWC Flaming Devils


Finals Qualification

J.Boag & Son Winter Roster 09 Finals Qualification 

Premier League / Div 1 -  9 Matches (nights)

Div 2 / 3 - 8 Matches (nights)

Players must play 60% of roster matches to qualify for finals