J.Boag & Son

The 2009 Boags Winter Roster will start on Tuesday April 21st



Nominations Close with the secretary on Wednesday April 15th at 5.30pm - This is the deadline as we have a committee meeting that night to finalise teams for roster

Nomination forms and Flyer for Winter Roster 09 have been delivered to Hotels / Clubs, or you can - Enter Your Team On Line - Click Here 

Click Here to View Flyer  /  Team Nomination Form


Teams Received to date (15/04/09 at 7.30pm)

Div 4: LWC, TRC, Village Inn Green

Div 3: LWC Gold, Sunny Hill Green, Newstead Rangers, LWC Roosters, Black Stallion, LWC Warriors

Div 2: LWC Green, Black Stallion, Village Inn Red, Retreat, Mowbray, Duke Of Wellington Punishers, Duke Of Wellington Old Dogs

Div 1: Perth Red, Commercial, Perth Black, Sunny Hill Cowboys, Black Stallion, LWC Flaming Devils


Finals Qualification

J.Boag & Son Winter Roster 09 Finals Qualification 

Premier League / Div 1 -  9 Matches (nights)

Div 2 / 3 - 8 Matches (nights)

Players must play 60% of roster matches to qualify for finals