Works put in a `golden' run to down top Raiders

24 Aug, 2011 12:00 AM

IN A-grade interclub, it is down to five teams vying for the four finals spots.
Works Gold won 3-1 against top team Raiders, to be level with Works Blue on 32 points, just four points adrift of Raiders, The Devils and Works Black, all on 36 points.
Dean Wilson and Lee Morcom, normally A Reserve players, both won for Works Gold, as did Steven Leary, while Barry Glover won for the Raiders.
Second-placed Devils and third- placed Works Black played a draw

with Josh Rainbow (2-0) and Andrew Rainbow (2-1) winning for the Devils, and Bruce Lockley (2-1) and Andrew Saltmarsh (2-1) winning for Black.
Saltmarsh was staring at defeat, down 42-14 against Scott Kopriva, in the last frame of the match, but fought back to win the frame, ending with a draw.
Works Blue maintained fourth place with a draw at the Launceston RSL Club - Michael Leslie and Peter Donati both won 2-1 for Works Blue.
Robin McEnnulty and Roydyn Bishop both won 2-1 for RSL Grey.

In A reserve, Works Green looks to have secured the minor premiership with an 8-4 win over the Works Red.
With three rounds remaining they are 14 points clear on top of the ladder.
Dean Wilson and Glen Johansen won both frames for Green.
The Green Horns won 9-3 against Exeter - Zane Brown, Dallas Fry, Shane Franklin and Peter Donati all won for the Green Horns, while John Waters was Exeter's only winner.
Works Navy held on to third spot, beating Amber 7-5.

Ladders: A Grade: Devils 36 (54.92%), Raiders 36, (52.14%), Black 36, (48.14%), Blue 32, Gold 32, Exeter 24, RSL Grey 20,

Ladders: A Reserve: Works Green 139, Green Horns 125, Navy 107, Amber 103, Red 98, Exeter Green 93, Launceston RSL White 91.

Leading Players A Grade: Michael Leslie 17 frames won from 26 frames played, Keith Coomber 23 from 37, Peter Donati 16 from 26, John Stevenson 20 from 33, Ben Swain 14 from 24, Gary Bakker 18 from 31, Shane Franklin 16 from 28, Barry Glover 23 from 41, Andrew Rainbow 19 from 34, Alan Armitage 22 from 40.

Leading Players A Reserve: Dean Wilson 22 wins from 28 played, Ethan Brown 13 from 18, Zane Brown 20 from 30, Shane Franklin 19 from 30, Glen Johansen 19 from 30, Ben Conrads 16 from 26, Tracey Saltmarsh 12 from 20, Peter Grimes 14 from 24, Bob Cain 15 from 26.

Junior eight ball championships
The state under-12 and under-15 championships will be held at the Hobart Working Mens Club this weekend, with the Tasmanian junior team selected to play in the Australian junior championships in Canberra next January. To enter, or for more information, call Cyril Triffett on 0407870306.

For more information go to the Cue Sport website, www.nteba.com.au, or call the secretary on 0487171966.