Lighting Quick Super Singles v3

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Catch Up Matches
Week 1: Karl Lange v Scott Kopriva
Week 2: Andrew Calabro v Danny Quach
Week 3: Scott Kopriva v Robbie Jackway
Week 4: Phill Aird v Danny Quach
Week 5: Aiden Stafford v Corey Rhodes
Week 6: Andrew Saltmarsh v Karl Lange
Week 7: Troy Rudling v Andrew Saltmarsh
Week 8: Robbie Jackway v Aiden Stafford
Week 9: Troy Rudling v Jono Jenkins
Week 10: Lochie O'Reilly v Troy Rudling
Week 11; Andrew Johnson v Jono Jenkins
Week 12: Corey Rhodes v Terry Adams
Week 13: Phill Aird v Corey Rhodes
Lightining Quick Projected Prize Pool
1st: $850 + Trophy
2nd: $450 + Trophy
3rd: $350
4th: $300
5th & 6th: $225 each
7th: $150
8th: $100
Most Master Breaks: $50
Matches and Results
League week 1
League week 2
League week 3
League week 4
League week 5
League week 6
League week 7
League week 8
League week 9
League week 10
League week 11
League week 12
League week 13
Week 1 Finals
Race to 9
Week 2 Finals
Race to 10
Prelim & Grand Final
12.30pm - Race to 10 and 11
Finals Series
Quick Rules
1. $15.00 per week payment, players more than 3 weeks behind cannot play until caught up.
2. Preferred payment by Direct Deposit with surname name as reference.
BSB: 632 001
Acc: 1001 660 59
3. Matches Start on Monday nights at 6.45pm at LWC
1 frame fofeit at 10 mins, 2 at 15, 3 at 20 and full forfeit at 30 mins.
4. One outsatnding match to be played eack week has been allocated to players and is attached to our Facebook page and above in the General section (Downloads)
5. Players can have 1 night where they can make arrangments to play on another night due to not being avilable on a Monday night - we really want 6 matches (12 players) at the club every Monday night.
6. Finals wil be a AFL Final 8 System.
7. Please fill in score sheets provided and fill in all details, we would like to track all records / stats for your reference and the competition.
Score Sheets
Score Sheets will be at the LWC for each weeks games
We would like you to use the score sheet provided and fill out all the information on the score sheet - Example sheet in the Downloads section.
1. Master Break (You pot out of your break) - prize money on offer
2. Dry Break (You break but do not get in a red or yellow)

Why: This will give us and players a good indication of your game, give us stats to compare and most importantly give us some interactive information for the Live Stream on Finals
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