Winter Results 2012

Masters, Women's & Under 25 Singles Championships Results

The inaugural NTEBA Masters event was held at the LWC on Sunday August 26th with a disappointing turn up of only 7 players for the day's play in what had originally looked like a field of 15+ entries

Due to the low number of players a double elimination format was used to give the players a few more frames for the day, the eventual winner for the inaugural title was Andrew Saltmarsh who defeated Rodney Martin in the final 

The women's and under 25 was also a disappointing field of only 2 players in each division and again more players had entered the under 25's who failed to turn up on the day which is disappointing for the organizers but also for the players who did turn up to play with only 1 match to play

The women's was won by Sally Jackson defeating Janelle Kearnes and the under 25's by Alex Brooks defeating Danny Quach

Results from all matches can be found on the links below

Original Entry Info

Download this file (NTEBA Masters Singles 2012.pdf)Masters Singles Results 2012[Masters Singles Results 2012]33 kB
Download this file (NTEBA Womens and Under 25 Singles 2012.pdf)Women's and Under 25 Singles Results 2012[Women's and Under 25 Singles Results 2012]50 kB

The 2012 World 8Ball Pool Championships will be played in Blakpool, UK from June 24th - July 4th 2012

Tasmania have 6 reps in this years Australian team, with local player Fiona Plummer competing in the women's team

Follow the results and articles at the World 8Ball Pool web site

Tasmanian Players - Australian Team 2012 - (B-L-R) Marcus Jackson, Chris Forsyth, Anthony Adams (F-L-R) Stephen Kaine, Fiona Plummer, Cale Barrett

Eightbal Calcutta

Sunday June 3rd @11am @Launceston Workers Club

 $300 plus prize money

There will be 2 seperate knockouts - Open and a B Grade Knockout to cater for all players of all levels, so please come alonfg and support the NTEBA with this event, put on for the players


The 2012 J.Boag & Son Open Singles will be held on Tuesday July 10th and this is open to all Association players - Div 1 and 2 will have no roster matches that night - Players can nominate online by clicking here

The 2012 J.Boag & Son Winter Roster Singles for Div1 and 2 was held on Tuesday June 5th at the LWC - Results can be found on the Weekly Results Page for Winter 2012


J.Boag & Son 2012 Winter Roster 8Ball


The 2012 season will start on Tuesday April 24th with team nominations now closed

Rosters will be drawn Friday night / Saturday and be sent to Hotels and Clubs , along with Player Registration Sheets, Score Books, Team and Player Affiliation Invoice and Season Info

Teams as at 20th April: Premier League: Perth Black, LWC Shooters, Commercial Hotel, Grays Hotel, Duke of Wellington, LWC Racers. Div 1: Lloyds Hotel Ratbags, MowbrBlack, Black Stallion Savages, Park Tavern, LWC Warriors, Village Inn Red. Div 2: LWC Giants, TRC Chalkers, Black Stallion, Exeter Club, Black Stallion.

Mick Hill - 2xWorld 8Ball Champion will be attending the Launceston Workers Club on Wednesday 11th April 2012 at 7.15pm

All Players of the NTEBA / NTB&SA and members of the General Public are most welcome to attend and watch one of the Best Pool Players in the World, I have met this bloke personally and I beleive you will have one of the best nights of watching and meeting someone who knows all about the game

There will be opportunities to play Mick during the night and for you can purchase a ticket to win a signed cue and case by the World Champion

Mick Hill (UK)
2004 & 2010 World 8Ball Champion

Mick Hill - 2010 World Champion

2008  2010 World Masters 8Ball Champion
7x Player of the Year
Mick Hill === Is the most successful World Rules Player of all time

J.Boag & Son 2012 Winter Roster 8Ball

The 2012 season is set to start on Tuesday April 17th or 24th with team nominations closing on Tuesday April 10th

Nominations are now open in Premier League, Div 1, 2 and 3

5 players per team required and will play 3 rounds of 5 single frames with the start time being 7.15pm

You can nominate your team online and flyers and team nomination forms will be sent to Hotels / Clubs this weekend (March 24th) or you can download from the link below

Other Information: Team Nomination Fee: $120, Player Fee: $10 (includes Entry into Association Singles)

Hotels / Clubs to provide a light supper on Home Night's, Hotels Clubs to make sure tables are level and clean, the association can help in this area and should contact Peter Wallace on 0419 393 838 at least 24 hours before the Tuesday night game

The 2012 Calender for Eightball Tasmania and the Tasmanian Billiards & Snooker has been finalised

All playing members of the NTEBA are eligable to enter Eightball Tasmania Events, please see te attached calender for dates and visit the Eightball Tasmania web site for entry and further details

For Snooker Event enquiries please contact the State secretary This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Download this file (Eightball Tasmania - Tasmanian Snooker Calender of Events 2012.pdf)Eightball Tasmania - Tasmanian Snooker Calender of Events 2012.pdf[8Ball Tasmania and Tasmanian Snooker Combined Calender 2012]13 kB
Download this file (Eightball Tasmania Calender of Events 2012.pdf)Eightball Tasmania Calender of Events 2012.pdf[Eightball Tasmania Calender of Events 2012]9 kB
Download this file (Tasmanian Snooker Calender of Events 2012.pdf)Tasmanian Snooker Calender of Events 2012.pdf[Tasmanian Snooker Calender of Events 2012]8 kB

Finals Qualification Winter 012

J.Boag & Son Winter Roster 012 Finals Qualification
Premier League 7 Matches (nights)
Div 1 & 2 - 8 Matches (nights)

Most Consistent Winter 2012

Qualifying amount of Games for Association Most Consistent Award
Premier League: 'David Smart Memorial' = 60% = 22 Frames Played from 36 Frames
Premier League 'David Smart Memorial' Won by Troy Rudling - Commercial Hotel - 22 Wins from 26 Played - 84.61%
Div 1: = 60% = 27 Frames Played from 45 Frames
Div 1 Won By Aaron White - Mowbray Hotel - 33 Wins from 43 Played - 76.74%
Div 2: 60% = 27 Frames Played from 45 Frames
Div 2 Won By Cor Zoon - Newstead Hotel - 31 Wins from 40 Played - 77.50%