The 2009 Snooker season has been completed and below is a wrap up of the 09 Season

Thursday Night 'A' Grade - (Score Sheet)

Premiers: LWC Black 3 d LWC Navy 1

Wednesday Night 'A' Reserve - (Score Sheet)

Premiers: LWC Amber 7 d Exeter RSL Green 3

'A' Grade Snooker Championships - (Result Sheet)

Graeme Pickett 5 d Terry Adams 0

'A' Reserve Snooker Championships - (Result Sheet)

Adrian White 4 d Peter Fraser 2

'B' Grade Snooker Championships - (Result Sheet)

John Saggers 3 d Walter Sully 2

Thursday Night Most Consistent

Ben Swain (Exeter RSL Green) 24 frames played 17 won

Wednesday Night Most Consistent

Paul Zoon (Launceston RSL Navy) 22 frames played 17 won

Thankyou to Launceston Workers Club, Launceston RSL, Exeter RSL and Longford RSL for the use of tables and premises for the 2009 season

Congratulations - Adrian White

Adrian White
2009 - NTB&SA ''A' Reserve Snooker Champion

Congratulations - John Saggers

John Saggers
2009 - NTB&SA ''B' Grade Snooker Champion

Snooker Finals - 2011

Northern Snooker 2011

Week 4 - Wednesday 5th and Thursday 6th September

Wednesday Night
Grand Final: LWC Green Horns 6 Lost To LWC Navy 8

Thursday Night
Grand Final: LWC Black 3 Lost To LWC Blue 4


Congratulations - Graeme Pickett

Graeme Pickett
2009 - NTB&SA Open Snooker Champion