2021 August Snooker

Start Date is Now Wednesday August 4th

ENTRIES NOW OPEN  - Entries Now Closed - Official NTB&SA Roster

Please note COVID-19 protocols still apply: 

As the authorisation person submitting this form, I have checked with all players listed on this entry form and they all agree to the guidelines and conditions of the COVID-19 Safety plans as may be set by the NTB&SA and abide by  all directions of the Club's authorised persononal  for COVID-19 Safety plans and conditions including the Check in Tas app.

As the authorisation person submitting the form, I have check with the Hotel Club I have nominated and that they are aware I have entered this team and the players as listed.


The timeline we are looking at 

1. Team Nominations Open on the web site now (No paper form entry available) 

2. Team / Player Nominations Close on Thursday August 5th

3. Start of play is expected Wednesday August 11th