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John Williams Shield 2013

The North have effortlessly won the 2013 John Williams Shield played at the Ulverstone RSC on June 15th & 16th between the North, South and North-West regions.

The Northern team started the day slowly winning only 1 match from the first 3 matches played, but then went on to win 17 matches straight during the Saturday to actually secure the team win on day one of the tournament; a rare feat under the new format.

Sunday saw the remaining matches being played with the North ending up with 27 matches won from their 32 matches played over the weekend, a great team effort only losing 5 matches for the weekend, the North-West ended up with 13 matches won from 32 and the South 8 from 32

Best players for the North were John Fraser with 4 matches won from 4 played and the un-official high break of the tournament of 38 (this was because the North had already won when John made the break) other players to win 4 from 4 were Keith Coomber and a high break of 37 for cues 1-2 and Andrew Saltmarsh 4 from 4 and a high break of 32 for cues 3-4.

Full results are on the TB&SA web site or directly via this link

Original info

The following players have been selected for the John Williams Shield to be played at the Ulverstone RSL on June 15th and 16th

1. John Fraser (Vice Captain / Manager), 2. Keith Coomber, 3. Trevor Leary, 4. Andrew Saltmarsh (Captain), 5. Lee Morcom, 6. Rolf Stevenson, 7. Heath Rainbow, 8. Alan Armitage.

Any Player Not Available should let Andrew Saltmarsh know ASAP

Players to be in attendance by 9.45am - Full Dress Code - Black Trousers, White Collared Shirt, Bow Tie, Black Shoes, Black Socks

The NTB&SA have Vests and you will be required to wear an NTB&SA vest while playing