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2013 Snooker Season

The NTB&SA 2013 Snooker Season is set to start on Wednesday May 1st for A Reserve and Thursday May 2nd for A Grade

Rosters will be published on the web site on Wednesday night and delivered to the LWC on Friday April 26th

Wednesday night will have 4 Teams, with 6 players per team playing 2 frames and Thursday night will have 8 teams, with 4 players per team playing best of 3 frames. due to there being 6 teams playing out of the LWC in the Thursday night roster, there will be one match each week played on a Monday night

This year will see the Grand finals for Wednesday night and Thursday night played on a Saturday - date wil be included in rosters


Team Nomination forms are on the board at the LWC with nominations closing Saturday 13th April or can be downloaded below to fill out and place in the results box at the LWC or emailed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

A Grade: 4 Players Per Team, playing Best of 3 Frames

A Reserve: 6 Players Per Team, playing 2 Frames

Download this file (2013 Player Registration Form.pdf)2013 Player Registration Form.pdf[2013 Player Registration Form]251 kB
Download this file (2013 Snooker - Teams for Roster.pdf)2013 Snooker - Teams for Roster.pdf[2013 Team Registration Form]185 kB