Devils on top after tight victory

08 Jun, 2011 12:00 AM

THE Flaming Devils went to the top of the Northern snooker competition A Grade ladder with a close-fought win over the Raiders on Thursday night.

After wins from Andrew (2-1) and Josh Rainbow (2-0), the result came down to the final match between Devils, Shane Franklin and veteran Lionel Young for the Raiders.

Franklin won 2-1 to give the Devils four points and top spot on the ladder. Keith Coomber won for the Raiders.

Works Gold had an impressive 3-1 win over the Launceston RSL, John Fraser, Steve Leary and Gary Bjarnoe Elliott won for Gold, Rodyn Bishop was RSLs only winner.

Exeter RSL and Works Blue played a 2-2 draw, Exeter's Gary Bakker winning 2-0 to go clear on top of the player rankings, Adam Bindoff also won for Exeter with Rolf Stevenson and Michael Leslie Blues' winners.

In A reserve the Green Horns beat RSL White 8-4, to jump up from fourth to equal top of the ladder, Dallas Fry, Ethan Brown and Jenna Sampson all won two frames for the Horns, Adrian White won both his frames for the RSL team.

Navy had its first win of the season beating Red 7-5, Ben Conrads was the stand out player winning both frames.

Works Green and Exeter RSL played a 6-6 draw, Phil Stagg won both frames for Exeter, Andrew Thomas was Greens only winner.

LADDERS - A GRADE: Devils 18, Raiders 16, Black 14, Gold 12 , Blue 10, Exeter 8, RSL Grey 6. A RESERVE: Works Green 50, Green Horns 50, Red 46, Amber 40, Exeter RSL 38, Launceston RSL White 37, Navy 33.

Best breaks this week, Adrian White 31, John Fraser 30, Gary Bjarnoe Elliott 24, 22, Warren Hayes 24, Dallas Fry 24, Chris Reid 24, Lionel Young 22, Rolf Stevenson 21.

LEADING PLAYERS - A GRADE: Gary Bakker 11 from 14 , Steve Leary 10 from 15, Barry Glover 10 from 16, Scott Kopriva 6 from 7, Keith Coomber 8 from 12 played. A RESERVE: Dean Wilson leads on percentage, winning 7 from 10, Zane Brown, Steve Andjelkovic, and Shane Franklin 8 from 12 played, Bob Cain 5 from 6 played.

RESULTS - A GRADE: Works Gold 3 defeated Launceston RSL Grey 1, Trevor Leary (26) lost to Roydyn Bishop (8) 1-2, Steve Leary (24) defeated Terry Adams (16) 2-0, John Fraser (16) defeated Robin McEnnulty (12) 2-0. Gary Bjarnoe Elliott (12) defeated Harley Stebbings (36) 2-1.

The Flaming Devils 3 defeated Works Raiders 1, Shane Franklin (48) defeated Lionel Young (26) 2-1, Andrew Rainbow (36) defeated Alan Armitage (42) 2-1, Josh Rainbow (46) defeated Barry Glover (40) 2-0, Heath Rainbow (34) lost to Keith Coomber (30) 2-0.

Exeter RSL 2 drew with Works Blue 2, Derek Peart (50) lost to Rolf Stevenson (34) 1-2, Adam Bindoff (40) defeated Hans Georgieff (48) 2-0, Gary Bakker (24) defeated John Stevenson (32) 2-0, Rex Swain (14) lost to Michael Leslie (48) 2-0. Works Black had this weeks bye.

A RESERVE: Works Green Horns 8 defeated Launceston RSL White 4, Jenna Sampson (66) defeated Graeme Purdon (68), Tony Quach (68) drew with Greg Williams (50), Tony Franklin (62) drew with Wayne Purdon (40), Dallas Fry (44) defeated Denis Collins (62), Zane Brown (60) lost to Adrian White (34), Ethan Brown (66) defeated Tim Donnachy (60).

Works Navy 7 defeated Works Red 5, Ray Skinner (58) drew with Phil Rowbottom (54), John Fordham (60) drew with Barry Glover (52), Steve Collins (58) drew with Steve Andjelkovic (60), Warren Hayes (54) drew with Robbie Johns (44), Craig Jory (70) drew with Peter Seaman (62), Ben Conrads (62) defeated Ray Smith (48).

Works Green 6 drew with Exeter RSL Green 6, Lee Morcom (38) drew with Lloyd Rogers (46), Glen Johansen (50) drew with Derek Peart (56), David Thomas (50) lost to Phip Stagg (48), Andrew Thomas (62) defeated John Waters (56), Simon Thomas (70) defeated Chris Reid (50), Dean Wilson (52) drew with Greg Reid (50). Works Amber had this week's bye

This week;s snooker matches: Wednesday, A Reserve Green Horns v Works Green and Red v Amber, at the Works Club, Launceston RSL White v Works Navy at Launceston RSL. Exeter RSL has the Bye.

Thursday A Grade Works Blue v Gold and Raiders v Black at the Works Club, Exeter RSL Black v Flaming Devils at Exeter RSL, Launceston RSL Grey has the Bye.

Northern Snooker Championship draws for A Grade, A Reserve and B Grade are available via the web, or on the board at Launceston Works Club.

For more information go to the cue sport website, www.nteba.com.au or call the secretary on 0487171966.