Billiards Finals 011

Grand Final - Week 4
Thursday 31/03/2011
LWC Green - 2 (1) v LWC Blue - 2 (2)

Finals 2011 - Week 3
Thursday 24/03/2011
LWC Flaming Devils - 2 (1) v LWC Blue - 2 (2)

Finals 2011 - Week 2
Thursday 17/03/2011
(D) 1st Semi Final: Loser of (C) v Lower Ranked Winner from (A, B)
LWC Black - 1 v LWC Blue - 3
(E) 2nd Semi Final: Winner of (C) v Higher Ranked Winner from (A, B)
LWC Green - 2 (2) v LWC Flaming Devils - 2 (1)

Finals 2011 - Week 1 Results
Wednesday 9/03/2011
(A) 1st Elimination Final: (4th) LWC Flaming Devils - 3 d (5th) Exeter RSL - 0
Thursday 10/03/2011
(B) 2nd Elimination Final: (3rd) LWC Gold - 1 v (6th) LWC Blue - 3
(C) Qualifying Final: (1st) LWC Black - 0 v (2nd) LWC Green - 4


The 2011 Northern Tasmanian Billiards and Snooker AGM was held at the LWC on Wednesday February 16th

There were no major changes to the 2011 season, although some debate was held on the controversial 'Foul and Miss Rule' and if we should be playing the rule at our local level, in the end it was decided to leave the rule as it currently is in the IBSF Rules and try to better educate people on the rule during the year

It was decided at the AGM to trial a fund day of 6 Red Snooker before the main season starts, the date for this will be Saturday 16th April and more details will be released via flyers on the web site

Snooker 2011 Details will be released on the web site and sent to Clubs in the coming weeks

Please find attached below the Presidents Report and the new committee for 2011/12 has been added to the web site

Congratulations - Wayne Purdon

Wayne Purdon
2011 NTB&SA
'A' Reserve Billiards Champion

Congratulations - David Bates

David Bates
2011 NTB&SA
'A' Grade Billiards Champion