J.Boag & Son Winter Roster Finals Twenty 11

Week 4 - Saturday 3rd September 2011 - Grand Finals @LWC @6.30pm

Perth Black breakthrough for win

Perth black proved too strong for the new team in the competition the Launceston Workers Club Breakers by winning the 2011 premier league title 8 - 3, the win now gives the Perth team 3 grand final wins in the last 4 years after being defeated in last years final

In div 1 the Mowbray hotel also headed back to premiership dais defeating the Duke of Wellington team, div 2 saw Sunny Hill Blue defeat the Village Inn Red team from the St.Leonards hotel and div 3 saw the TRC claim back to back premierships by defeating the Sunny Hill Delinquents team

The 2011 - 12 summer roster is due to start on October 11th and teams can nominate via the web site

Premier League
Perth Black (8) v LWC Breakers (3)

Div 1
Mowbray Hotel (8) v Duke of Wellington (4)

Div 2
Village Inn Red (5) v Sunny Hill Blue(8)

Div 3
TRC Chalkers (8) v Sunny Hill Deliquents(2)

Week 3 - 30th August 2011 - All Preliminary Finals @LWC
Premier League
Grays Hotel (4) v LWC Breakers(8)

Div 1
Duke of Wellington (8) v LWC Black(5)

Div 2
Sunny Hill Blue (8) v Legana Knights(6)

Div 3
Village Inn Green (2) v Sunny Hill Delinquents(8)

Week 2 - 23rd August 2011
Premier League
Second Semi Final: Grays Hotel (5) v Perth Black (8) at Grays Hotel
First Semi Final: Commercial Hotel (6) v LWC Breakers (8) at Commercial Hotel

Div 1
Second Semi: Mowbray Hotel (8) v Duke of Wellington (0) at Mowbray Hotel - Mowbray Win on Forfeit - Due to Duke being Un-Financial
First Semi: LWC Black (8) v Sunny Hill Racers (5) at LWC

Div 2
Second Semi Final: Sunny Hill Blue (7) Village Inn Red (8) at Sunny Hill
First Semi Final: Legana Knights (8) v Black Stallion (7) at Legana Tavern

Div 3
Second Semi Final: TRC Chalkers (8) v Village Inn Green (5) at TRC
First Semi Final: Legana Blue (5) v Sunny Hill Delinquents (8) at LWC

Week 1 - 16th August 2011 Results
Premier League (Final 5)
Qualifying Final: Perth Black (8) v Commercial (5) at Perth
Elimination Final: LWC Breakers (8) v Perth Grey (7) at LWC

Div 1 (Final 4) - No Games Week 1 - First Week of Finals start Tuesday 23rd August
Second Semi: Mowbray Hotel v Duke of Wellington at Mowbray
First Semi: LWC Black v Sunny Hill Racers at LWC

Div 2 (Final 5)
Qualifying Final: Legana Knights (7) v Village Inn Red (8) at Legana
Elimination Final: Black Stallion (8) v LWC Gold (5) at Black Stallion

Div 3 (Final 5)
Qualifying Final: Village Inn Green (8) v Legana Blue (5) at Village Inn
Elimination Final: Newstead Hotel (7) v Sunny Hill Delinquents (8) - Sunny Hill Win on Forfeit - Due to Newstead playing un-qualified players

Matpine Billiards Finals 2012

The Billiards Finals will be a Top 5 System

Week 1 - 14th and 15th March
1 - Week Off
Elimination Final: 14th March LWC Black v LWC Gold Winner to 1st Semi - Loser Eliminated
Qualifying Final: 15th March LWC Raiders v LWC Blue Winner to 2nd Semi
Week 2 - 21st and 22nd March
First Semi: 21st March   v   Loser of Qualifying v Winner of Elimination
Second Semi: 22nd March Launceston RSL v   Winner of Qualifying Final
Week 3 - 29th March
Preliminary Final       Loser of 2nd Semi v Winner of First Semi
Week 4 - 5th April
Grand Final       Winner of 2nd Semi v Winner of Preliminary