J.Boag & Son 2013 Winter Roster 8Ball

The 2013 will start on Tuesday April 30th

Rosters will be published onine on Thursday April 25th and delivered to Hotels / Clubs on Saturday April 27th.

There will be 5 Teams in Premier League and 8 Teams in Div 1 & 2.

Hotels / Clubs to provide a light supper on Home Night's, Hotels Clubs to make sure tables are level and clean, the association can help in this area and should contact Peter Wallace on 0419 393 838 at least 24 hours before the Tuesday night game.

5 players per team required and will play 3 rounds of 5 single frames with the start time being 7.15pm and teams should be in attendance by 7.00pm.

There is also comcern with the falling number of teams and we would love to hear from people on their thoughts on getting teams and players back playing.

Some of the thoughts are we shoulld drop Premier league and go back to Div 1, 2 and 3 as some teams / people feel they are being ignored with all the preference being given to Premier league

Premier league was set up for people who wanted to play at a higher level and play a more serious  type of game. Div 1 was to be then known as the highest grade in the association, followed by Div 2 and 3. Teams who won multiple Premierships or who were graded to strong for the division they nominated for did not have to go any higher than Div 1 as Premier league was a choice teams and player made to play.

Another reason that Premier league was set up was because most of the team nominations received were for lower divisions as people did not want to nominate for Div 1 and play against the established Div 1 teams and players; from what we are hearing this has now changed and people want to play against these teams and players, so please let us know your feelings by return email and we can easily drop Premier league and go back to Div 1, 2 and 3 - Contact the President - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your thoughts or ring Peter direct on 0419 393 838.

Currently all Divisons play for the same amount of prize money, all have their own singles knockouts, association events to enter and all receive the same trophies for winning events and team medallions for premierships.

Finals Qualification Winter 13

J.Boag & Son Winter Roster 13 Finals Qualification 

Premier League -  7 Matches (nights) from 12 Matches (nights)

Div 1 / 2 - 8 Matches (nights) from 14 Matches (nights)

Players must play 55% of roster matches to qualify for finals as per noticed placed in Team Folders at the Start of the Season

To see players qulaified click on the Team Name under the Team Stats from the weekly results and then look at the players name and under the PA coloumn this will show how many nights they have played