Winter Results 08


Wrap up of the 2008 Season

Div 1 Premiers: Perth Black (9) - Runner Up: Commercial Hotel (5)

Div 2 Premiers: Mowbray Hotel (8) - Runner Up: BFI Red (5)

Div 3 Premiers: LWC Green (8) - Runner Up: BFI Green (5)

Div 4 Premiers: Sunny Hill Green (8) - Runner Up: Galaxy Hotel (1)

 Div 1 Singles Won by Terry Adams - Runner Up: Darren West - Result Sheet  

Div 2 Singles Won by Paul Styles - Runner Up: Ray Baker - Result Sheet

Div 3 Singles Won by Shane Franklin - Runner Up: Rex Purcell - Result Sheet

Div 4 Singles Won by Allan Denman - Runner Up: David Bramich - Result Sheet

Div 1 Most Consistent: Phillip Hodgetts - Commercial Hotel

Div 2 Most Conssitent: Paul Styles - Sunny Hill Sliders

Div 3 Most Conssitent: Lee Morcom - LWC Green

Div 4 Most Conssitent: Alex Brooks - TRC Yellow


Thankyou to Hotels / Clubs for the use of premises and to all players / supporters for the 2008 Season, details for the Summer Roster 08/09 will be released towards the end of August



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State Womens Team 08

Congratulations to Katie Martin - State Women's Champion 08
Fiona Plummer, Denise Millington, Katie Martin, Jenna Sampson from the North who made the State Team to compete at the Australian 8Ball Championships
The full team is, Fiona Plummer - Captain, Miranda Jamieson - Vice Captain, Katie Martin, , Denise Milington, Jane Orpwood, Janelle Jackson, Jenna Sampson, Jo Hunt

Singles 08

Div 1 Singles Won by Terry Adams
Runner Up Darren West - Result Sheet
Div 2 Singles Won by Paul Styles
Runner Up Ray Baker  - Result Sheet
Div 3 Singles Won by Shane Franklin
Runner Up Rex Purcell - Result Sheet
Div 4 Singles Won by Allan Denman
Runner Up David Bramich - Result Sheet

State Open Team 08

State Open 8Ball Team 08 to compete at the Australian Championships
Gregg Watt - Captain, Sam Thurgood - Vice Captian, Ricky Lee, Marcus Jackson, Dallas Nichols, David Lee, Ben McCauley, Tim Wright, Jason Masterton, Andrew Saltmarsh