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NTEBA  v STEBA (David Smart Memorial) Saturday 2nd February at the HWC at 12.30pm (Start) - Players to be present by 12.00pm

Players should be in attendance by 12.00pm and Full Dress Code Applies for the Open Team - B Grade Team - Neat Casual minimum (Polo top, jeans, closed shoes)

Open Team: 10 Players

B Team: 8 Players

C Team: 8 Players 

Enter on this link with nominations closing on Friday January 25th and the Team announced on the web site and Facebook Page on Saturday 26th January

David Smart Memorial 2019

Tim Bryan Open B Grade C Grade
Glenn selbyOpen B Grade C Grade
Mark BurrOpen B Grade
Troy RudlingOpen
Karl Lange Open
Ethan brownOpen
Shayden brownOpen
Billy joe farrellOpen B Grade C Grade
Corey Rhodes Open B Grade C Grade
David BrasherB Grade C Grade
Greg CooperB Grade
Tony CampbellB Grade
Daniel HindsOpen B Grade C Grade
Jason Smith B Grade
Scott KoprivaOpen
Danny quachOpen
Christine BergmanOpen B Grade
Bj farrellOpen B Grade C Grade
Andrew CalabroOpen B Grade
Peter WallaceOpen
Adam YoudOpen B Grade
AidanOpen B Grade
Gordon SmithOpen
Tony QuachOpen
Liam SeymourOpen
Andrew SaltmarshOpen
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