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Snooker Finals - 2011

Northern Snooker 2011

Week 4 - Wednesday 5th and Thursday 6th September

Wednesday Night
Grand Final: LWC Green Horns 6 Lost To LWC Navy 8

Thursday Night
Grand Final: LWC Black 3 Lost To LWC Blue 4



Gourlay Shield 2011

The 2011 Gourlay Shield will be played at the Launceston Workers Club on Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th September

The squad for the North as at 20/09/2011

  1. David Bates - Confirmed
  2. Graeme Pickett - Confirmed
  3. Roydyn Bishop - Confirmed
  4. Peter Donati - Confirmed
  5. Gary Bjarnoe-Elliott - Confirmed
  6. Robin McEnnulty - Confirmed
  7. Ben Swain - Confirmed
  8. John Fraser - Confirmed
  1. Bruce Lockley - emg
  2. Rex Swain - emg
Download this file (Goulay Shield Handicaps 3-9-11.pdf)Goulay Shield Handicaps 3-9-11.pdf[ ]190 kB

John Hanson 2011

John Hanson Shield
Launceston Workers Club - 13th / 14th August
Snooker: (L-R) Adrian White, Andrew Saltmarsh, Trevor Leary, Steve Leary, Rolf Stevenson, Andrew Rainbow. Billiards: Wayne Purdon, Barry Glover

Ted Pickett 2011

Ted Pickett Shield
Claremont RSL - 2nd / 3rd July
David Bates, Roydyn Bishop, Peter Donati, Gary Bjarnoe-Elliott, Rex Swain. Bruce Lockley, Gary Bakker, Keith Coomber

John Williams 2011

John Williams Shield
Claremont RSL - 18th / 19th June
Keith Coomber, Andrew Saltmarsh, Adrian White, Rolf Stevenson, Paul Zoon, Lee Morcom, Heath Rainbow,Josh Rainbow

Doug Salter 2011

  Doug Salter Shield
Penguin Club - 14th / 15th May
David Bates, Peter Donati, Roydyn Bishop, Adrian White, Terry Adams, Gary Bjarnoe-Elliott