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Snooker Finals - 2011

Northern Snooker 2011

Week 4 - Wednesday 5th and Thursday 6th September

Wednesday Night
Grand Final: LWC Green Horns 6 Lost To LWC Navy 8

Thursday Night
Grand Final: LWC Black 3 Lost To LWC Blue 4



Ted Pickett Shield 2011 - Wrap Up

Ted Pickett Shield 2011

THE Northern team of David Bates, Peter Donati, Roydyn Bishop, Gary Bjarnoe Elliott, Rex Swain, Bruce Lockley, Gary Bakker and Keith Coomber failed in its bid to win the Ted Pickett Shield.
The tournament, played at the Claremont RSL Club, is a triangular competition between A grade players from the North, North-West and South, and is played over 48 matches.
It is in honour of the late Ted Pickett, a Northern Tasmanian sportsman who won the 1955 Australian Snooker Championship.
The Southern team easily retained the shield, winning 25 matches, with the North winning 13 matches and North-West 10.
For the North, Works Black players David Bates won three matches, and Roydyn Bishop, Gary Bjarnoe Elliott, Bruce Lockley and Keith Coomber won two matches.
South's Les Higgins and Anthony Adams were the only players to win all four matches played. The highest break went to Les Higgins with 63, Steve Carroll cues 3-4 with 50, Denny Mayne cues 6-7 with 43 and Keith Coomber for cues 7 and 8 with a 35 clearance.

John Hanson 2011

John Hanson Shield
Launceston Workers Club - 13th / 14th August
Snooker: (L-R) Adrian White, Andrew Saltmarsh, Trevor Leary, Steve Leary, Rolf Stevenson, Andrew Rainbow. Billiards: Wayne Purdon, Barry Glover

Ted Pickett 2011

Ted Pickett Shield
Claremont RSL - 2nd / 3rd July
David Bates, Roydyn Bishop, Peter Donati, Gary Bjarnoe-Elliott, Rex Swain. Bruce Lockley, Gary Bakker, Keith Coomber

John Williams 2011

John Williams Shield
Claremont RSL - 18th / 19th June
Keith Coomber, Andrew Saltmarsh, Adrian White, Rolf Stevenson, Paul Zoon, Lee Morcom, Heath Rainbow,Josh Rainbow

Doug Salter 2011

  Doug Salter Shield
Penguin Club - 14th / 15th May
David Bates, Peter Donati, Roydyn Bishop, Adrian White, Terry Adams, Gary Bjarnoe-Elliott