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Graeme Pickett
2010 NTB&SA
'A' Grade Snooker Champion


John Sagers
2010 NTB&SA
B Grade Snooker Champion


Snooker 2010

Snooker Draws 2010

 Looking for the snooker draws 2010

 View the weekly results page for Wednesday or Thusday night and look under the general section

Snooker Rosters 2010

Rosters and Results pages for the 2010 season have been set and include dates for Association Snooker Championships and Finals

To view rosters and results click on the Snooker tab at the top of the page and then Snooker 2010 and the relevant rosters resuls for Wednesday or Thursday nights

More information will be added as the season gets under way

Snooker Season 2010

The 2010 Snooker Season is set to start on Wednesday April 21st for 'A' Reserve and Thursday April 22nd for 'A' Grade Nomination forms have been sent to Clubs (Launceston Workers Club, Launceston RSL, Exeter RSL, Longford RSL) and these are due back by Saturday 10th April to enable the rosters to be drawn up and start the season

John Williams 2010

John Williams Shield
Penguin Sports Complex - 19th / 20th June 2010
Andrew Saltmarsh, Adrian White, Rolf Stevenson, Andrew Rainbow, Heath Rainbow, Lee Morcom, Wayne Purdon, Josh Rainbow
John Williams 2010 - North

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Ted Pickett 2010

Ted Pickett Shield
Launceston Workers Club - 24th / 25th July
Graeme Pickett, Gary Bjarone-Elliott, Peter Donati, David Bates, Roydyn Bishop, Robin McEnnulty, Terry Adams, John Fraser
Ted Pickett 2010 - North

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John Hanson 2010

John Hanson Shield
Claremont RSL Club - 14th / 15th August 2010
Adrian White, Bruce Lockley, Andrew Saltmarsh, Andrew Rainbow, Rolf Stevenson, Barry Glover, Keith Coomber, Lee Morcom
John Hanson 2010 - North

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