NTEBA  v STEBA (David Smart Memorial) Saturday 4th February at HWC at 12.30pm (Start) - Players to be present by 12.00pm

Players should be in attendance by 12.00pm and Full Dress Code Applies for the Open Team - B Grade Team - Neat Casual minimum (Polo top, jeans, closed shoes)

*Open Team Squad: Troy Rudling, Kris Cherry, Andrew Saltmarsh, Ethan Brown, Phil Aird, Shayden Brown, Scott Hampton, Karl Lange, Phillip Hodgetts, Max Nicholas, Mark Burr, Peter Wallace

B Team: Robbie Jackway, Aiden Stafford, Liam Seymour, Glenn Selby, Sharon Worthington, Jason Smith, Tim Bryan, Christine Bergman, Billy Joe Farrell, Damien Richardson

Entry Info


Currently we are looking for 2 Teams for this event - Open Team and a B Grade Team

Entry is Open to all Current and *Former NTEBA Players with players to note that the NTEBA do give some preference to past players associated with David and players of a Junior (Under 23) age group due to David's passion for our younger players

*It is expected as time goes by that some of the past players will form part of the B Team so as to stay involved in honour of the day if they wish to be considered for selection. David definateley like seeing the young players coming through and we are sure he would be honoured to have some of these young cueists in the team.

Open Team: 8 - 10 Players

B Team: 6 - 8 Players

Enter on this link with nominations closing on Wednesday January 25th and the Team announced on the web site Thursday 26th January