NTEBA  v SEPL (Melbourne) Saturday  19th November - 12pm Start - Full Dress Code - Players to be there by 11.15am

The NTEBA will again host the SEPL in a match at the Launceston Workers Club 

Team: Troy Rudling (Captain), Jeremy McGuire, Kris Cherry, Andrew Saltmarsh, Johno Jenkins, Ethan Brown, Tony Quach, Scott Kopriva, Bruce Lockley, Danny Quach, Phil Aird, Terry Adams, Karl Lange, Shayden Brown

Original Info

The team will be selected in the coming weeks consisting of 14 - 16 players and is based on previous players who have played in this match, limited players from around the State are also invited to play

If you have an interest in playing please text your name to 0487 171 966