Morcom wins to bring home shield

Played at the Claremont RSL on June 18th and 19th the Northern team had to win two of the last 4 matches on Sunday afternoon against the North-West players to secure the John Williams Shield for 2011, Keith Coomber a former North-West player and captain of the Northern team defeated Ian Cornick 2-0, veteran northern player Adrian White went down in a close match 2 -1 to Colin Langman, this left two matches in progress with Lee Morcom winning comfortably 2-0 against Murray Baulch to secure the win for the North while Paul Zoon was beaten 2-1 in what had become a dead rubber match

The event was a close contest all weekend especially between the North and the North-West, with the South while not as strong as previous years winning matches against the North and the North-West players to keep the event poised until that last match

We had many highlights and good times from the weekend, but without doubt the main highlight was late on Saturday night with Robert Higgins (South) playing Tim Wright (North-West)
With the crowd all gathered round to watch Robert pot a long pink followed by the black to win the match 2-1, as you will see from the video below there was a lot of background cheering and fun had by all, maybe not snooker etiquette but I am sure all enjoyed

The Northern team consistent of Keith Coomber (Captain), Andrew Saltmarsh, Adrian White, Rolf Stevenson, Paul Zoon, Heath Rainbow, Lee Morcom and Josh Rainbow

(L-R) Lee Morcom, Josh Rainbow, Heath Rainbow, Paul Zoon, Rolf Stevenson, Adrian White, Andrew Saltmarsh, Keith Coomber