John Williams ShieldThe 2011 John Williams Shield will be played at the Claremont RSL on Saturday 18th / Sunday 19th June
The squad for the North as at 10/6/2011 is as follows (8 Players required for the team)


  1. Bruce Lockley
  2. David Sheppard
  3. Lionel Young
  4. Andrew Saltmarsh (Confirmed)
  5. Steve Leary
  6. Gary Bakker
  7. Keith Coomber (Confirmed)
  8. Rolf Stevenson (Confirmed)
  9. Peter Fraser
  10. Paul Zoon (Confirmed)
  11. Heath Rainbow (Confirmed)
  12. Adrian White (Confirmed)
  13. Andrew Rainbow
  14. Trevor Leary
  15. Lee Morcom (Confirmed)
  16. Wayne Purdon
  17. Josh Rainbow (Confirmed)

Players will be contacted by email or in person to find out on availability and any additional players will be selected as per our by-laws (Players who have travelled previously or promising Junior players will be considered)