Score Sheet Results

Score Sheet Results

All Score Sheets (8Ball or Snooker) must go to the Facebook Pages as a picture for results to be entered and counted.

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The NTEBA have received the green light from Eightball Tasmania who we are affiliated with as the Senior body of Eightball in Tasmania and as such they have been helping all affiliated associations in a return to 8Ball through Tasmanian Sport and Rec and the guidelines of Sport Australia (Return to Sport) this has now happened and we are good to go, we as an association have also been notified by one of our major venues that cue sports and darts can now be played and welcome us to a return.

Most of the paperwork, restrictions and guidelines have been completed by Eightball Tasmania so we can play, our own main document is we are back to player registration sheets for all players who wish to play and this form must be filled out on the first night a player engages in and return straight after that match.

We need at this stage to further discuss with our Hotels and Clubs on our return to sport and see what requirements they must follow in the first instance.

Please Note: Venues have been approved for a return to cue sports and darts and know in detail what their requirements are and what they need to do / not do which has been approved by the Department of Health and the Tasmania Government for the return of cue sports, darts, dancing etc. 

The timeline we are looking at 

1. Team / Player Nominations Open on the web site Tuesday 8th September

2. Team / Player Nominations Close on the web site Tuesday 22nd September

3. Rosters / Folders containing all information delivered to Hotels and Clubs on Saturday 26th September

4. Start Play Tuesday 29th September 

More details will be released shortly, but for now you have the dates we are looking at above, please note this roster will be just 1 round plus finals and there will be no charge for Team entry and only a flat fee of $10 per player for roster, finals and events, no supper will be required on the night for Hotels / Clubs, we are then hoping to start our normal Summer Roster in early November.