Score Sheet Results

Score Sheet Results

All Score Sheets (8Ball or Snooker) must go to the Facebook Pages as a picture for results to be entered and counted.

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The NTEBA have the option to adopt the working COVID-19 plan that has been approved by Eightball Tasmania by Tasmania Sport and Recreation.

For us this is good news as we will not have to have our own individual plan in place and for it to be separately approved by Tasmania Sport and Recreation and we will not need to make any changes to the working document as the guidelines change, this will all be done by Eightball Tasmania and in turn we will always be covered.

This does not mean that we cannot have our own plan but by adopting the Eightball Tasmania plan as a member it does seem the correct procedure to follow, we will look further at the document in the coming weeks and also as further restrictions ease work in with our Hotels and Clubs on a return to sport, maybe around 28th July 2020.

Eightball Tasmania web site - COVID-19


Download this file (Eightball-Tasmania-Return-to-Sport -v1-12-6-2020-NTEBA.pdf)COVID-19 Plan (Master-Copy)[COVID-19 NTEBA Return to Sport]315 kB