Score Sheet Results

Score Sheet Results

All Score Sheets (8Ball or Snooker) must go to the Facebook Pages as a picture for results to be entered and counted.

These pages also contain information and updated as required.  /


2021 August 8Ball

18 Teams - One Roster

Finals Makeup as not been determined and will be announced after the last roster match

Singles will be held as per last roster on a Saturday or Sunday

Weekly results to our Facebook group page, results will be updated to our own web site

Direct deposit details for your weekly team payment is below and further our results page

Thank you to all the Hotels / Clubs / Teams for another strong support of the Association 


Entries Close

2 Teams will be announced by Sunday October 17th or before via our weekly results


The NTEBA are asking for player nominations for the 2021 State B Grade Combined Teams Event to be played at the LWC on Saturday October 30th and Sunday October 31st.

Player nominations close on September 24th and the NTEBA will announce the team/s on October 17th (we may have 2 teams, but at this stage we do not know).

You can nominate on this link -